When-you-look-at-aCaterpillars seem like such creepy little things.

They destroy your lettuces, they have lots of legs and they look as though they will squish if you step on them.

To me, they don’t seem to have any endearing aspects.

They eat and eat and eat and eat, until they are big enough to build a cocoon.

And then they go through the remarkable process of metamorphosis to become an elegant butterfly.

So let me ask you, when you look at a caterpillar, do you see what is, or what could be?

Do you see a pest, or the potential for flight?

You may look at your own situation and see nothing but ugliness.

But what if there’s a butterfly waiting to develop and burst free?

You may be harsh on yourself and think that you will forever be stuck in a meaningless rut.

But what if you have the potential to fly?

When you look at a caterpillar, what do you see?

The caterpillar itself, or the butterfly within?

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