Little Athletics

Logan, Hayden and our brave little Madison

A few weeks ago, Hayden, Madison and Logan started Little Athletics.

This means that every Saturday morning, Karen and I follow them around as they participate in five separate track and field events each.  The final event for Madison last Saturday was the 400 metres.  In her age bracket, they don’t run in their own lanes, but 16 little girls line up together and then, soon after starting, make their way to the inside lanes.

In the argy-bargy, Madison was caught up in the bunch and fell flat on her face, scraping her elbow and knee on the concrete drain that runs inside the track.

I immediately started to run to help her as she lay there while all of the other runners went past her.

And in that moment, she had a choice:

  • She could have stayed, there, waiting for her daddy to pick her up and console her,
  • Or she could get back up and finish the race.

She chose to get back up.

She scrambled to her feet and kept on running.

If this was a Hollywood blog, she would have sprinted past the other runners and won the race with a dramatic lunge on the finish line.

As it was, she did her best and ended up coming 9th, which in this dad’s eyes was a phenomenal effort.

But this post isn’t about winning races, it’s about getting back up when you fall.

It’s not about reaching easy, comfortable goals after a nice leisurely jog, it’s about crossing the line with blood streaming from your knees.

And it’s about a dad who has never been prouder of his little girl.

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