Career expert, Dan Miller recently shared this story on his blog about a farmer who grew discontent with his farm.

The farmer complained about the lake on his property that always needed to have the fish thinned out.  The rolling hills made it more difficult for him to run the fence rows.  Sometimes he couldn’t even see his cows because they had so much territory to cover.  At night it was so dark it was hard to walk from the barn back to his house.

He decided to sell the place and move somewhere really nice.  He called a real estate agent and made plans to sell his property.

A few days later he picked up the local paper, looking for a new place to live.  His eye caught an ad for a lovely country home in an ideal location – quiet and peaceful.

It had soft rolling hills; a pristine lake stocked with bass, a classic barn surrounded by natural flowers and soft grass, and came complete with a wonderful herd of Black Angus cows.  It was just close enough to a small town to be convenient but far enough out to be uncluttered by city lights, traffic and noise.

He read the ad a second and then a third time before realising the real estate agent had given her description of the place he currently owned.  He called her and told her to cancel the ad.  He said, “I’ve changed my mind.  I’ve been looking for a place like that all my life.”

It’s easy to complain about your current situation, but how would your life look to an outsider?

Is your job really that bad?

Are your kids that annoying?

Is your financial situation as dire as you really think it is?

Sometimes, just like the farmer, we need a new perspective on our circumstances to understand that our lives aren’t as bad as we sometimes believe.

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