Dont-expect-to-get-yourThere’s an old story about a man who prayed to God that he would win the lottery.

Every night, he got down on his knees and pleaded with the Almighty to hit the jackpot.

After a month, he looked to the heavens and wondered why God still hadn’t granted his prayer.

He heard a loud booming voice come from above that simply said, “At the very least you could have bought a ticket!”

It’s a simple story with a simple message.

Don’t be that man.

Don’t wish pray for something that you aren’t willing to take action towards.

Don’t waste your time dreaming about a life that you aren’t willing to make sacrifices to get.

Don’t complain about your situation if you aren’t willing to do something about it.

And don’t expect to get your heart’s desire if you aren’t willing to get some skin in the game.

If you want something, feel free to pray for it, but don’t forget to buy a ticket!

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