Living-with-purpose-isIt can be tempting sometimes to look for the easy road, the comfortable path, the guaranteed outcome.

But I’m not sure that life works like that (and I’m not sure that it should).

So, remember, if you have to work hard to get it, it’s probably worth the effort and you will look back with pride on your achievements.

If you take a risk and fall, you’ll realise that it doesn’t hurt as much as you thought it would.

If you’re aware of how much you still have to learn to become an expert in your field, then you have a great opportunity for growth and development.

If you have bad days, weeks or months, then the good times will feel so much better when they inevitably come.

If you have to get better tomorrow than you were today, then that’s helpful progress that will equip you for bigger and better things in the future.

If it’s a challenge, you can overcome.

If you get knocked down, you can get back up.

Giving birth to a child is hard (or so my wife tells me), but worth it.

Exercise is hard, but worth it.

Discipline is hard, but worth it.

Living with purpose is hard, but you had better believe that it’s worth it.

Life isn’t meant to be a nice smooth stroll because:

  • The struggle makes you stronger,
  • The lessons help you to learn,
  • The set-backs make you resilient,
  • You’re called to a life of greatness, not a life of comfort.

So know this, if it’s not easy, you’re probably on the right track, whereas if you’re just coasting through life, then perhaps you’re wasting your talents and not pushing yourself as hard as you should.

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