Photo by Mamboman1 via Flickr

Photo by Mamboman1 via Flickr

Freddie the frog was hopping past a pond when he heard a loud sigh.

He stopped and saw a sad looking frog named Frank sitting on a lily pad.

“What’s wrong?” Freddie asked.

“Life is so hard here on this pond,” said Frank, “there used to be more insects to eat, now I’m starving.”

“I live in the pond down the road, we have plenty of insects to share,” explained Freddie.

“I wish that there were more insects here, then I wouldn’t have to move.”

“But if you move there will be plenty of insects to eat.”

“I wish that my tongue was longer.  That would fix everything, then I could catch more insects without having to move.”

“But you will never have a longer tongue and if you move, you will have enough insects,” said an increasingly frustrated Freddie.

As they spoke, a large heron landed at the other end of the pond.

“Oh great, “said Frank, “Now the heron is going to eat me.”

“It doesn’t have to.  Quick come with me, there are no herons at my pond,” said Freddie as he hopped away to safety.

Frank watched the other frog hop to his pond and sighed loudly.

“That frog is so lucky,” he said before being eaten by the heron.

I’ve met a lot of people like Frank the frog.

They don’t like their situation, but they refuse to change.

Their skills are redundant and industry is out of date, but they refuse to learn and adapt.

They hope, and wish, and dream, and refuse to do anything about their current circumstances.

They would rather be a victim and have something to complain about than take action to make their lives better.

If your current situation isn’t what you want from life, don’t complain, don’t whine and for the love of all that is good in the world, don’t share your gloom on Facebook.

You have the power to change and life can be better.

What are you waiting for?  Start hopping.

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