There are a lot of things that we feel compelled to do.

Depending on your situation and/or values, this can include:

  • work,
  • parenting,
  • going to church,
  • exercise,
  • learning and personal growth,
  • even housework.

This is what I’m thinking.  We have to do these things, but how we do them matters.

We can go through the motions and do them out of a sense of obligation.

Or we can do them with joy, laughter and passion.

This isn’t just so that we feel better about what we’re doing (although that’s important).

And it isn’t just so that we’re better company while we do it (although that’s nice too).

It’s because when we do things with joy, we do them better and we become more effective.

There are certain things that we all have to do, so let’s do them out of joy, not obligation.

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