The weekend is almost upon us and I know that many of you are looking forward to the next couple of days off.

However, they can be more than an opportunity to drink too much and sleep in the next day.  They can be a great chance to add real, lasting value to the quality of your life.

So, here are a few random thoughts to get you through the next couple of days off and launch you into the week ahead.

  1. Don’t define the week ahead by the week that has passed.  If you had a bad week, next week is a new one to do remarkable work.  If you had a good week, don’t rest on your laurels, but launch into the next block of time with renewed energy and vitality.
  2. If you’re working, thanks.  Seriously, to all those who sacrifice their time to work weekends, we appreciate it.  Especially nurses, police and other emergency services.  You guys are remarkable!
  3. Your kids are only young once.  Maximise every weekend with them.
  4. Watch one TED Talk.  It’s a great way to learn something new or get inspired.
  5. Do something to benefit your career.  Connect with someone through LinkedIn, update your resume or work on your business idea.
  6. You don’t have to be Jewish to have a Sabbath.  Make sure that you stop for a few moments at least this weekend to take a deep breath.  We don’t rest because there isn’t anything to do, we rest because we need to restore the energy to do it.
  7. Finish at least one job around the house that you’ve been putting off for a while.  It’s a nice feeling of satisfaction afterwards.
  8. Spend some time acknowledging the Creator.  He deserves your adulation and it’s good for your soul.
  9. Life is short.  You don’t know how many weekends you have left, so maximise your time and make the most of your opportunities to enjoy life and add value to the people around you.
  10. You’re awesome!  If you haven’t heard that recently hear it from me.  You are a wonderful person with unique skills and abilities.  You can change the world and I believe in you, even if sometimes you don’t believe in yourself.

I hope that at least one of these random thoughts is helpful for you.

Have a great weekend!

Do you have any random thoughts that you would like to share?

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