By all means, tell us your intentions.

Give us an idea of your aspirations and goals.

Feel free to state your values and make them clear.

But in the end, we will judge you by your actions.

Whether you like it or not, your verbs matter more than your verbiage.

We will listen to what you’ve said you will do and measure them against what you’ve actually done.

So don’t tell us about love, just love.

Don’t tell us that you’re here to help, justĀ help.

Don’t tell us about your faith, live by it.

Don’t tell us that your marriage and family are a priority, prove it through your actions and the time that you spend with them.

Don’t tell us about finding your dream job, just take the risk and make it happen.

Words are cheap and we will only listen for so long.

You will be judged by your actions, so get out there and start making it happen.

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