There will be times when you notice someone who hasn’t delivered at an expected level.

Or perhaps they have made a dramatic mistake or have been unmotivated for quite some time.

In each of these coaching opportunities, you have a choice.

You could:

  • Mock,
  • Vilify,
  • Belittle,
  • Disparage,
  • Tell them how good you are,
  • Ignore the problem and do nothing.

Or you could:

  • Encourage,
  • Inspire,
  • Influence,
  • Listen,
  • Offer wisdom,
  • Teach,
  • Build trust,
  • Empower,
  • Motivate.

Every coaching opportunity gives you the chance to either tear down or build up.

It’s a massive responsibility and a terrific opportunity.

Get it right and you could become a person of great influence.

Get it wrong and you could become just another ineffective cynic.

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