My special son Hayden all ready for a game of footy

Last week, at his usual bed-time, my oldest son came up to me.  He looked slightly upset and said, “I don’t feel very special at the moment.”

As a parent, I was surprised and perturbed, and quickly responded to reassure him that he was very special.  He seemed satisfied by my response and went to bed happy.

But when I went to bed later that night, his comment was still ringing in my ears, so I wrote this story so that he would always know that he is special.

When God created grass, the angels were amazed.  They gathered around and told the Creator how special the grass was.

“It’s OK,” said God, “but it’s not that special.”

Then God created snails and the angels were even more amazed.  They watched the snails eating the grass and thought that it was very special.

“We’re getting there, but there’s more to come.”

Next on God’s list was a small skink, which to the continued amazement of the angels started eating snails. The angels declared that this is what special must look like.

“I like them too,” said God, “and they’re reasonably special, but you should see what’s coming up.”

Next was a kookaburra, which caught a skink.  “Surely this was special?” thought the angels.

“Not yet,” said God with a smile.

The next creation was a magnificent eagle that soared over the grass, the snails, the skinks and the kookaburras.

“Wow, now that’s special,” said the angels.

“Yes it is, but there’s still more.”

And so, many years later, God created Hayden.

He made him with a love of all animals and gave him the skills to learn about them, look after them and teach people about them.

He made him kind and generous and athletic.

And then he turned to the angels and said, “Now that’s beyond special.”

Of course, that’s how I feel all about all of my kids.  They have been wonderfully made with a plan and purpose in mind.

And I hope that they each know how special they are.

When I asked Hayden for his permission to share this story he smiled and said that other parents could change some of the details and tell the story about their own kids.  So if you are a parent, feel free to use this if you would like to.

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