A mountain climber stands at the bottom of Mt Everest.

A salesperson looks at the challenging sales targets that she has been set for next month.

A surgeon assesses the requirements for a complicated procedure that he is about to attempt.

A child starts reading through the test that she has to complete.

A boxer enters the ring and stares at his undefeated opponent in the other corner.

They all experience two conflicting, yet connected emotions.

They are each slightly intimidated by the size of the task in front of them.

“What if I fail/can’t do it/are inadequate?”

They also look at the destination and get excited.

They imagine how it will feel to achieve their goal are inspired to take action.

With all of our goals, especially the ones that really matter, we will feel intimidated and inspired.

My question to you is, which one controls what you will do next?

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