One of the books that I’m reading at the moment is “The Hoops Whisperer” by Idan Ravin.  In it, I found this fantastic quote.

“Life boils down to a series of jump shots:

Some you make, some you miss, some you wish you’d taken, some you wish you hadn’t.

Great players move on, looking forward to the next possession.”

I love this reminder that when we live life to the full, some things will work and some won’t.

And I know that there are a lot of things over my journey that I wish I had done, or done sooner, or done differently, or not done at all.

But to linger for too long in one place, wondering “what if?” or basking in the glory of past successes or being paralysed by the next step is foolishness.

Great players move on and so do great achievers.

They don’t waste time on the past, but look for the next opportunity to test their skills.

So whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, don’t forget to take that jump shot!

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