Steve Way leading the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games at the one mile mark

Steve Way leading the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games at the one mile mark

Seven years ago, Steve Way was sitting on his couch at home, smoking 20 cigarettes per day and eating take-away curry every night.

He weighed 16 and a half stone (102 kg), which when combined with his smoking habit, led to breathing issues that kept him awake at night.

So, at the age of 33, Steve got off the couch and started running.  He hasn’t looked back since.

As his stamina improved, he started to enter himself into longer races, eventually running marathons.

He got to a point where at the 2014 London Marathon, he finished 15th and was the third fastest Englishman.  He didn’t realise this at the time, but the London Marathon was the qualifier for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and with the two Englishmen ahead of his running other events, at the age of 40 he was selected to represent his country.

The Commonwealth Games marathon was run this week and Steve finished 10th, an extraordinary achievement!

He couldn’t have imagined that he would end up running at such an elite level when he first started, but none of it ould have happened if he didn’t get off the couch in the first place.

So, over to you, what do you need to get up and do?


Start that business?

Connect more with others?


I don’t know what it is, but let me encourage you to get off the couch and… (enter own verb here)

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