Once a dream or aspiration is implanted in your mind, how long do you get to achieve it before it’s too late?

One year?

Five years?

A decade?

If you haven’t achieved your goals by the age of 30 is it too late?

What about 40, 50 or 60?

I know that some goals are dependent upon your age.  If I wanted to become a professional athlete, I probably needed to start well before now.

But many aren’t.

You can still start that business.

You can still begin that charity.

You can still write that book or screenplay.

You can still record that album.

You can still study that course.

Some people think that it’s too late to achieve their goals.

I’m here to remind you that their’s no statute of limitations on your goals.

You can still take action, build momentum and achieve remarkable deeds.

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