I live in two alternate dream worlds.

In the first one, everything goes according to plan.

None of my loved ones get sick or have their feelings hurt.

Everyone is kind and considerate.

I have lots of money and don’t have to work too hard to get it.

All of my plans and aspirations are achieved with minimal effort and within very short timeframes.

In the second world, I understand that not everything works out quite so perfectly.

But I am resilient enough to cope with the difficult times.

I can maintain my passion and faith when things don’t look good.

I am understanding and reliable when the people I love are experiencing pain and disappointment.

I am patient when my goals don’t seem to be getting closer.

As I look at my two dream worlds (and let’s be honest most of us probably have our own versions of them) I wonder, which one do I have the opportunity to influence more?

Which one can I make a reality?

You know the answer.

Live there!

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