Before the final of the Australian version of the Voice, and the other coaches, Kylie Minogue, Joel Madden and Ricky Martin had dinner with their talented proteges.

As they shared stories, reflected on their journey so far and admired each other’s talents, Will said to the group that they all had the potential to become superstars, but the difference between superstars and potential stars is:

“…An open mind, thick skin and relentless dedication.”

It was great advice to these young artists and is transferable across all spheres of life.

An open mind

Are you still learning?

Do you read widely and from writers who challenge your thinking?

Do you freely experiment, try new things and take risks to improve your skills?

Are you up to date with the latest trends in your industry?

Thick skin

Can you cope with the inevitable criticism that will come your way if you pursue greatness?

Do you have the resilience to cope with disappointments and challenges that would overwhelm a weaker person?

Can you get up after getting knocked down, over and over again?

Relentless dedication

Are you able to say no to good things so that you can say yes to the great?

Are you still working when everyone else is resting?

Can you maintain your discipline and focus for the weeks, months and years required to achieve your goals?

Do you hold on to your dreams and aspirations even during the periods when they seem a long way off?

If you can say yes to these questions and remember’s advice, I suspect that you are well on your way to superstardom in your chosen field of endeavour.

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