A pond is a small body of water.

It has limited resources and there is only so much room.

Of course, there are times when there is extra water from the rains that fall, but there are also periods of drought that puts extra pressure on all who live in the pond.

By contrast, an ocean is immense.

It has seemingly unlimited resources and there is an abundance of space.

It can be unpredictable and dangerous, but whatever the conditions, there is always enough to go around and more left over.

So tell me, which world do you live in?

The one that looks safe, but has very limited resources?

Where after a dry spell you wonder how much longer you can survive?

Where competition is fierce and new inhabitants are treated with fear and suspicion?

Or the world that has unlimited resources?

Where there is enough for anyone who is willing to work hard enough and who has the perspective required to notice the opportunities that are all around?

Where there is no need to fear competition or those who are difference from you because there is ample room for us all?

We all live in a pond or in the ocean, a place of scarcity or of abundance.

The difference is all in our perspective.

Which one do you live in?

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