As a resume writer and career coach, I get a great deal of satisfaction when one of my clients gets a job.

It can be a difficult and scary process for many people and to give them the tools and confidence required to land a role that utilises their capabilities and pays the bills is a very rewarding element of my role.

However, I’ve also seen too many people stop at just getting a job.

Once they are there, they fall into a rhythm of showing up and collecting a paycheck, leading me to think that there’s more to a career than just getting a job.

So, if you have recently started a new role, congratulations, but don’t forget to:

  • Maximise your contribution on a daily basis,
  • Build strong relationships within and outside your organisation,
  • Keep learning and growing, preparing yourself for the next exciting opportunity,
  • Utilise your unique skills and experience instead of becoming a mindless clone of the people around you.
  • Be grateful,
  • Display leadership to the people around you,
  • Contagiously infect others with your optimism and enthusiasm.

It’s not enough just to get a job, it’s what you do after you get there that matters.

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