JaguarThere were once two jaguars who lived in the Amazon rainforest.

The first one, Jenny the jaguar loved hunting.

She enjoyed every aspect of it.

She loved the thrill of the hunt and the drama of the kill.

She looked forward to hunting, constantly looked for opportunities to develop her skills and became highly proficient.

The second one, Johnny the jaguar didn’t like hunting at all.

In fact, he dreaded it.

His stomach would be gurgling with hunger and would still hesitate to go hunting.

He would sigh and stalk his prey with slumped shoulders and a half-hearted effort.

As a result, he wasn’t very effective and often went home hungry.

We aren’t too different from these jaguars.

I know many talented people who are passionate about their work.

They throw themselves into their tasks with energy and are intent upon developing their skills to an elite level.

And then there are equally talented people who don’t particularly like what they do for a living.

They dread work and find every excuse possible to do a mediocre job.

We each have an important choice in life.

We can choose to find work that we love, or we can go through life hating what we do.

But you have to work, so why not love it?

And guess which jaguar goes hungry?

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