What could you achieve if you never gave up?

What could you achieve if you never gave up?

Millions of years ago the Colorado River started to chart its course through a remote region in Arizona.

As it flowed, the river started to carve out a channel.

Over the years, the canyon gradually got deeper and deeper, and wider and wider.

Every day, the flowing water removed more material and continued to make an imprint on the landscape.

And so, today, we have one of the world’s marvels, an extraordinary example of the power of persistence.

I don’t know what your goals and dreams are, but I do know that to achieve anything truly remarkable rarely takes one massive action, but a thousand small ones.

And you won’t get there in a day, but through perseverance and discipline, you will get there if you can sustain the effort over many years.

Sure, you don’t have to make a difference with your life.

But we all have the opportunity to leave a mark on the world and who would want to waste that?

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