Life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Just ask Isaiah Austin.

A 7 foot 1 centre from Baylor University, Austin was a talented basketball player who had already overcome a significant eye injury that required a prosthetic eye to produce a remarkable season and place himself in contention to be drafted to the NBA.

However in the days leading up to the draft, a routine physical revealed that he has a rare genetic condition known as Marfan’s syndrome, which placed his heart at risk of rupturing if he was to play professional sport.  This meant that Austin had to retire at the age of 20 before his career even had a chance to start.

It wasn’t his fault.

He had no say in it.

His dreams and everything that he had worked hard to achieve were destroyed just days before they were to be realised.

In a classy move, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made Isaiah Austin an honourary draftee.  It was a lovely moment that showed there is still room for sentiment in professional sports, but it didn’t change the reality for Austin that there would be no NBA career.

So how should you respond when your dreams are destroyed?

In his own words, Isaiah Austin said,

“I’m going to dream again. I’m going go around and share my story with as many people as I can. I’m just hoping to touch people’s lives and let them know that any obstacle that they’re facing, they can get through it.  All they have to do is keep a positive mind and thank God for every moment that they’re on this earth.”

He has created a “Dream Again” campaign to raise money and awareness for the condition, utilising his profile to make a positive difference in the world.

His dreams may have been destroyed, but he’s going to dream again.

And if this remarkable young man can, you can too!

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