This past week, I had one of those unpleasant dentist trips that resulted in having  one of my back teeth removed.

Of course, the offending tooth will never grow back.  It’s gone for good.

Great white sharks however, have between 5 and 7 rows of teeth and when one breaks off, another one grows in its place.

They have an inexhaustible supply of teeth and don’t really care if one is used up.

Some people treat life as if ideas are human teeth.

They tried something once and it didn’t work, so they don’t dare try again.

It’s as if they only had one shot at it, and they have no other chances after that.

Some are so afraid that they don’t even try once.  They would rather hold onto the idea than risk the concept not working.

To them, ideas and opportunities are finite and limited.

But I like to think of ideas as being like shark teeth.

They are inexhaustible.

You can never use them all up.

If you try one and it doesn’t work, there’s another one that you can use.

If you try one and it works, don’t rest on your laurels, try another one.

If you can write one book, you can write more than one.

If you can start one business you can start more than one.

If you can solve one problem, you can solve more than one.

So get that idea out of your head and start working on it.

If it doesn’t work, there will be another one and another one and another one to follow.

Now don’t hear what I’m not saying.

I’m not suggesting that you flit from one idea to another like bees to flowers because you are unable to be disciplined or focused for long enough to get anything off the ground.

I’m just saying that once the tap of ideas starts to flow, don’t be afraid that they will run out, because your potential for creativity and problem solving is immeasurable.

And whilst I’ll be chewing on one side of my mouth for a while, sharks never have to worry about that.

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