In the 1780’s, a boat shipwrecked off the coast of Hadawax Island off the coast of Alaska, and a few stowaway Norway rats made their way onto the island, resulting in a mass infestation so great that the island was re-named Rat Island.

After their arrival, the rats decimated the local bird population, eating eggs, chicks and even adult birds.

In September 2008, a group called Island Conservation, intervened and successfully removed all the rats from the island.  Don’t ask me how they did it, I just have images in my head of a lot of mousetraps and some dude running around with a big net.

Anyway, they achieved their goal and as a result, much of the local bird life has recovered, with many species returning to the island that haven’t been seen there for many years.

It’s an extraordinary recovery and a great result for wildlife conservation.

We all have rats in our lives.

It’s easy to develop bad habits that start small and slowly get bigger until they take over our lives and we become defined by them.

It’s not too late.

Make the changes that you need to.

Ask for forgiveness.

Create new habits that are more aligned with your values.

Get back on track.

Get rid of the rats!

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