I was walking down a busy street and noticed dozens of people bumping into one another and invading each other’s personal space.

It was crowded and it was frustrating to be a part of such a mass of bodies.

I don’t know why, but I looked up and saw a lone pigeon flying against a beautiful blue sky.

As we silly humans hustled and bustled, this pigeon had the entire sky to itself.

We live in a very competitive world.

If you are applying for jobs, you will have hundreds of other applicants to compete against.

If you are in business, I suspect that there are dozens of others who offer a similar product or service.

If you play sport (even socially), there will be an opponent who is planning your downfall and aspiring to beat you.

Do you pastor of a church?  There will be competition.

Are you the principal of a school?  There will be competition.

Are you looking to get into a specific university course?  There will be competition.

It can be intimidating, it can be daunting and it is tempting to become fixated on your competition as you bump shoulders with them on your journey.

But there is a place where there is no competition.



Become world-class.

Build a reputation for phenomenal work that no-one can compete with.

Believe me, most people are content with just getting by, putting in minimal effort and getting minimal return.

If you can lift yourself above the masses and produce consistently outstanding results, you’ll find that there is a lot less competition.

What will everyone else be doing?

They’ll be looking up and wondering how you got there.

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