The drought may have been going for years, but it will break one day.  The rains will come, the ground will be fertile, there will be green again.

The night may be lonely and dark, with vivid, terrible nightmares, but the sun will rise again.

The storm may have been swirling around for a while, with black clouds and teeming rain, but this too will end and the storm will cease.

The future may look bleak and your opportunities may seem limited, but there is still hope and things will get better.

Life is short and often cyclical.

Just as spring follows winter and autumn follows summer, there will be good times followed by bad followed by good.

When we have good times, it’s easy to anticipate the bad times coming, diminishing the joy we experience at the time.

And during the bad times, it’s easy to forget that one day, perhaps soon, hopefully sooner, it will change, worries will cease and you can smile again.

So if you’re in the middle of a drought at the moment in any aspect of your life, career, relationships, finances or parenting, remember that if you stay focused, persist, keep working hard and maintain a positive attitude, the rains will come again and you will reap a harvest.

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