There are times when I feel like I’m out of my depth.

It may be that we are overwhelmed with a large volume of clients that week and I have a few talks to prepare and deliver.

Perhaps the kids have a lot of activities, are unwell or just need a bit of extra attention.

Or maybe I’m just not feeling 100% and am wondering how to get everything done without compromising our standards.

It’s easy during times like this to become overwhelmed and wonder how I will cope.

And it becomes tempting to start thinking like a victim and start feeling down about my situation.

It’s these moments that require a different perspective on life.

Am I out of my depth or am I learning to swim?

Am I really struggling or am I building my capacity for future challenges?

Am I short on resources or do I need to become more resourceful with what I have?

Do I need to compromise my standards or can I identify more effective ways of operating?

And this is the biggest message that I continually need to give myself:

I only build strength during times of struggle, but if I give up when things get difficult or look for the easy option, I will never reach my full potential.

And so I embrace the challenges.

I look forward to being too busy.

I am excited about breaking new ground.

And instead of feeling overwhelmed, I gradually, inexorably and almost inevitably continue to grow and develop.

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