There was a time in human history when living in a cave was the best possible option.

The cave provided safety and security during a time when there were a wide range of significant physical threats.

If you left the cave, there were bears, lions and other tribes waiting to cause you harm.

But, of course you had to leave the cave, because that’s where the food was, so people would venture forth in their search for sustenance.

I can’t help but think that as much as we have progressed as a species, there are still large numbers of people living in figurative caves.

We yearn for safety and comfort, and live in fear of threats, real or imagined.

So we hide.

We find a place of security and are happy just to get by.

It takes boldness to get out of the cave.

The boldness to realise that you don’t have to live like that.

The boldness to understand that just because everyone around you is craving security, you don’t have to.

The boldness to do something that will leave a mark much greater and more significant than a few unremarkable scratchings on an obscure cave wall.

It takes a warrior to get out of the cave.

A warrior prepares herself for battle.

A warrior is ready for action.

A warrior knows that everyone will die one day, but they choose to live and die doing something meaningful, rather than living and dying after a pointless existence.

It takes leadership to leave the cave.

Everyone is watching to see who will take the first step.

Your kids are watching to see if there is more to life than hiding from pain and fear.

Your peers are watching to see if you are someone worth following.

We live in a time where there are very few genuine dangers.

Moderate embarrassment or temporary failure don’t compare with lions and bears, so let’s get out of the cave and live the life that we were meant to.

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