It’s tempting sometimes to aspire to a life without obstacles.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there weren’t any challenges to slow us down or stop us from reaching our goals?

And when we compare our challenges with those of others, don’t their lives seem easier?

But before you aspire to a smooth ride with no bumps along the way, consider this…

A life without obstacles:

  • Doesn’t get much done,
  • Aspires to nothing,
  • Wastes your skills,
  • Doesn’t give you the sense of satisfaction that people get when they do something meaningful,
  • Doesn’t build strength or resilience,
  • Is as boring as hell.

And I’m almost certain that a life without obstacles doesn’t exist.

Those people that you compare yourself to who seem as though they are living a successful life from a position of comfort and ease?

They’re just better at hiding their problems than you are.

If you want to live a meaningful life that makes a difference in the world, don’t try to avoid challenges or difficulties, overcome them.

The greats all have.

You can too!

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