Prolific writer and blogger Joanna Penn has a sign on her wall that simply asks:

“Have you made art today?”

It’s a reminder to make progress towards her writing goals every single day.

You may not be a writer or even consider yourself to be an artist, but I want to ask you the same question.

“Have you made art today?”

Have you created something of lasting value?

Have you taken time out from your busy routine to make progress towards meaningful goals?

Have you brought joy, colour and passion into a situation that needed it?

Have you solved a challenging problem?

Have you torn up the manual and done something differently because the rules were inadequate for your situation?

Have you tried something new, experimented or taken a risk that you normally wouldn’t take?

Have you actually wrestled with a concept before applying your skills instead of operating out of unthinking, unblinking routine.

You don’t need to be a musician, painter, writer or sculptor to create art.

I’ve met engineers, tradesmen, miners, retail assistants and teachers who were genuine artists.

They refused to mindlessly conform to those around them.

They looked for opportunities to utilise their unique perspective, skills and expertise to add value.

They created art.

You can too!

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