Carousels go around and around, always ending up where they started.

Our kids used to love them, but after a while they got sick of the monotony and wanted to get off.

As with many things, the ride is fun for a while, until we realise that no progress is being made.

So, if this year looks a lot like last year (and the year before)… get off the carousel.

If you keep using the same excuses for not making progress towards your goals… get off the carousel.

If you have been in the same dead-end job, doing nothing meaningful with your unique skills… get off the carousel.

If you keep repeating the same mistakes… get off the carousel.

If you keep finding yourself in the same negative situations… get off the carousel.

If you feel as though life is boring and mundane… get off the carousel.

If it seems as though you are getting left behind in this ever-changing world in which we live… get off the carousel.

Don’t complain about the carousel, make a change.

I know that it can be scary to leave what you know (even if we don’t like what we know), but the risk of staying stuck in the same unappealing routine is much more dangerous.

Take the risk and take action.

Build momentum.

Read, learn, grow.

Because you can’t make progress on a carousel.

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