A majestic Hawksbill Sea Turtle (photo via Wikipedia)

A majestic Hawksbill Sea Turtle (photo via Wikipedia)

Entrepreneur and prominent environmentalist, Sir Richard Branson, recently shared a story on his site about Gumption, a local businessman and turtle advocate from the British Virgin Islands.

One day, when he was coming in from a tour, Gumption noticed that a fisherman had caught a beautiful hawksbill sea turtle.

Without hesitating, Gumption purchased the turtle (which was otherwise destined for someone’s soup bowl) for $50 and released it back into the sea.

It may only be one turtle that he was saving, but Gumption had reckoned that this one turtle has the opportunity to lay hundreds of eggs over the course of its life, possibly making it a key contributor to the saving of this critically endangered and remarkable species.

It’s tempting sometimes to this that doing one small thing doesn’t make much of a difference, but inspirational people like Gumption (and Sir Richard) remind us that one seemingly minute action can make a massive difference.

One smile.

One donation.

One prayer.

One word of encouragement.

One generous act.

One moment of kindness.

You don’t know where it will end, but you can be assured that one small action rarely ends just there.

What small thing are you going to do today that has the potential to make a lasting difference in the world around you?

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