I’m sure that most of us could do with a bit more luck in our lives.

People buy lottery tickets, gamble on racehorses or take speculative (at best) risks on the stock exchange, hoping that a lucky break will fall their way and transform their lives.

However, I’m not convinced that luck works like this.

Yes, I suppose that winning the lottery takes some luck, but the odds are long and there is considerable to suggest that winners don’t always end up better off after a few years.

So here are a few things that we can all do to swing the odds of a lucky break back into our favour that I’ve noticed over the years.

When you:

  • work hard,
  • stay disciplined and focused,
  • maintain a positive outlook,
  • build strong connections with others,
  • work diligently on your dream when no-one is watching,
  • persist through the bad times,
  • are generous towards the people around you,
  • set an uncompromising standard of excellence for your work,
  • operate with integrity,
  • keep going when others have stopped,
  • ignore the unhelpful voices of the critics and sycophants,
  • are aware of the opportunities around you and the courage and awareness to grab them with both hands,
  • ensure that you never stop learning,
  • acknowledge God in all that you do,
  • attempt the extraordinary, remarkable or impossible…

A funny thing happens.

You create your own luck!

So today, I wish you good luck in your endeavours.

And the capacity to position yourself to create it.

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