It’s said that we are what we continually think, and there’s some truth to that statement, but I would also add that we are what we continually do.

If someone calls themselves a coach, but they don’t actually develop anyone, are they really a coach?

If someone calls themselves a leader, but they have no influence and when they look over their shoulder there’s no-one following, are they really a leader?

  • Coaches coach.
  • Leaders lead.
  • Writers write.
  • Artists make art.
  • Innovators innovate.
  • Motivators motivate.
 On the other hand:
  • Procrastinators procrastinate.
  • Complainers complain.
  • Followers follow.
  • Cowards cower.
  • Robots do the same thing over and over again as if that’s all they’ve been programmed to do.

Whatever you find yourself doing regularly, that’s what you are.

And if you’re not happy with your current circumstances or title, change the verb.

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