I love chocolate.

I’m a bit of a chocoholic and can eat it in abundance.

You know how chocolate melts if you hold it in your hands for too long?

That doesn’t happen to me, I eat it too quickly.

There’s nothing quite like sitting down on the couch with Karen in front of a good movie, sipping on a cup of coffee and munching on a block of chocolate.

I love chocolate, but I’m also conscious of the impact of eating too much of it.

And so I hate it, because it gets me every time and adds inches to my waist-line.

I hate it for tasting so good that I just want more.

I love it and I hate it!

For some people, it’s chocolate or some other food that they have a love/hate relationship with.

For some it’s Facebook, TV, alcohol, shopping, the Internet or some other perceived vice.

It may be something that isn’t particularly wrong, but you know that it’s not right for you.

There are many aspects of life that are great in moderation, but damaging in excess.

They are great slaves, but terrible masters.

Whatever it is, you can control it.

You can say no.

You can take charge again.

I love chocolate, but I’m determined to make sure that I don’t love it so much that it damages my health.

What do you love (and hate)?

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