There was a time when record companies ruled the world of music.

If they loved an artist’s work, they would sign them up and support their career.

If they didn’t, then there was no chance of breaking through.

It didn’t matter how talented you were, if you were in, you were in, if not, you were out.

That’s just how the industry worked.

Some people still think that the world is still like that.

They have a dream, but are waiting to be picked by the decision makers.

They dream of the day when someone will notice them, promote them and open doors for them.

However, that world is gone.

The record companies don’t rule the world, the consumers do.

Great artists can get their music in front of people easier than ever before and without the help of a redundant relic.

Word spreads, downloads start and success begins for the musician who chooses themselves instead of waiting to be chosen.

In many other industries the same principle is true.

You don’t need a large publishing house to become a writer anymore.

You don’t need a television contract to get on people’s screens.

You don’t need to be chosen by a large corporation to become a leader in business.

In fact, I would suggest that you will be much more successful if you find a way around, through or over the would-be decision makers.

There was a time when record companies ruled the world.

Those days are gone.

Choose yourself.

Make the decision to become great, get your content in front of people and let the masses decide.

I know that it’s scarier.

It would be easier if someone else did it for you.

But they won’t.

You need to have the courage and fortitude to market your art yourself.

What are you waiting for?

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