When you go to a great restaurant, you don’t shovel down the food indiscriminately.

You take in the atmosphere.

You engage in the conversation.

You enjoy every bite.

Those who don’t miss out on the full dining experience in their rush to move on to the next activity.

Let me ask you, do you consume life with no regard for the beauty of the present or do you enjoy every moment?

Is time with your kids a necessary chore or a delight?

Do you watch the clock at work or take advantage of every opportunity to fully utilise your unique skills?

Is church an interruption to your week or to experience the joy of worship?

Life is short.

It’s time to stop over-consuming and start enjoying the moment.

Enjoy the sunshine and the rain.

Savour the little things.

Don’t jump to the next activity too quickly, hoping that it will give you the experience that everyone else seems to be having.

Take your time.

Look around.

Chew slowly.


Enjoy every bite.

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