I suspect that we could all do with more moments that make us stop and say, “Wow!”

We could do with more brilliant art, phenomenal music and lyrical prose that takes our breath away.

More phenomenal service that surprises and amazes us.

More acts of love that change and move us.

More intelligent insights that make us think and force us to act.

More innovative ideas and products that help to solve our daily challenges.

Wow moments add colour, spontaneity and joy to our lives and we could all do with more of them.

But this post isn’t just about what the world can offer us, it’s about what we can offer the world.

We too can wow people with beautiful art.

Or by providing extraordinary service.

Or by acting with grace and love in the face of resistance and adversity.

Or by giving without an expectation of reciprocation.

Or by delivering innovative solutions that no one else has thought about.

Or by inspiring the people around us through our actions, words and extraordinary achievements.

The world could do with more wow moments, but don’t just rely on others to make them happen.

Be the initiator who inspires them in others.

What are you going to do today that has others saying, “Wow.”

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