Chameleons are remarkable creatures.

They have separately mobile eyes, prehensile tails and long, muscular tongues to catch their prey.

One of their most unusual and distinctive features is the ability that many species of chameleons have to change colour to match their surroundings.

It’s an extraordinary ability and one that we share.

We too have the propensity to change according to our environment.

We don’t do it just to blend in, although often that can be the case.  After a while we just take on the temperament and attributes of the people around us.  We start to speak like them, think like them and act like them.

People who are surrounded by negative people, become more pessimistic.

The same can be said of those who spend time with optimistic people.

If you have a lot of creative, artistic peers, chances are, you will have more innovative ideas.

Conversely, if you are surrounded by people who consider themselves to be victims, you’re more likely to look at the world with suspicion.

Then there are those who spend too much time with people who have an unhealthy sense of superiority.  After a while they start to look down their noses at others.

How much better to be surrounded by compassionate and gracious individuals, influencing you to become more caring and understanding of people from different backgrounds and in less fortunate circumstances.

We’re all chameleons, so have a look around at the people you hang out with, the books that you’re reading and the websites or TV shows that you are regularly looking at.

If you’re happy to look like that and genuinely believe that they help you to have a more resourceful perspective on life, then stay right there.

But if you’re not happy with what you see and you don’t want them to influence you conversely, perhaps its time to have a look at your surroundings and make the appropriate changes.

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