In some way, we are all living a life that reflects one of the following statements:

“The world is a scary place, so I’ll just look after myself and hope that I don’t get hurt.”

“I don’t have anything to offer, I couldn’t possibly make a difference in the world.”

“Maybe it’s possible, but I’m not ready yet.  Maybe I can do something meaningful in a few years when I’m older/wiser/more educated/the kids have moved out.”

“Perhaps I can make a difference in the world, I just need the right opportunity to appear.”

“I have everything that I need and I’m going to make a difference today!”

“I’ve used my skills to make the world a better place in an area that I’m passionate about.  It wasn’t as scary or difficult as I thought.”

“I’m going to commit myself to a life of significance and will encourage, equip and inspire others to do the same!”

Where are you on this progression?

Do you think that it’s helpless or do you feel empowered to change the world, making it a better place for the people around you and future generations?

And remember, whatever your situation and however you’ve lived until now, by making a commitment to being empowered and taking action, you can (and must) do something that matters with your life.

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