Through my business, I hear many of my clients use the phrase, “I’m looking for a new challenge,” when describing why they are moving on from their current role.

Then, when they talk about the next role that they would like to go for, it seems remarkably similar to the job that they are looking to leave.

There are no additional responsibilities, no opportunities to utilise different skills, no stretching of boundaries.

In essence, when they use the phrase, “I’m looking for a new challenge,” they’re really saying, “I’m bored, surely anything else must be better than this.”

The bad news is, if you take the same attitude into a new role, after a while, you will experience the same level of dissatisfaction that you felt at the last place.

But there is good news.

You can look for a new challenge.

But it’s not found by changing your circumstances or job.

It’s found within.

If you want a new challenge, look in the mirror and challenge yourself.

Challenge yourself to:

  • learn new skills,
  • become more influential,
  • take more risks,
  • follow your dreams,
  • solve challenging problems,
  • deliver better service and products,
  • become world-class,
  • truly maximise your potential,
  • become more passionate and enthusiastic about your work,
  • make a greater contribution to the people around you.

In short, challenge yourself to be the very best you can be.

You’ll never get bored or jaded with that!

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