Nahum of Bratslav once said:

“When I appear before the Heavenly tribunal and I am asked, ‘Why did you not lead your people like Moses?’
I shall not be afraid.

‘When I am asked, ‘Why were you not a David who worshiped me and shepherded your people?’
I will be calm.

‘When they query, ‘Why were you not Elijah who spoke the truth and brought forth justice?’
Even then I will not shake.

“Ah, but when they ask, ‘Nahum, why were you not Nahum?’
It is then I will tremble from head to toe!”

It’s easy to look at the remarkable achievements of others and wish that you could be like them.

It’s just as easy to look at the remarkable achievements of others and think that you could never do anything remotely impressive, so you may as well just give up.

But this brilliant quote from Nahum is a timely reminder of your uniqueness .

There is only one you.

There is a purpose that only you can fulfill.

There are gifts, abilities and perspectives that only you have.

We need you to be you.

We need the best version of yourself.

And at the end of your days when someone asks if you were all that you could be.

I pray that you can nod your head and confidently declare, “Yes.”

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