Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

I know that some people cringe when Valentine’s Day comes along, but for my wife, Karen and I, it has always been a very special day.

It’s not about the presents or cards, but about appreciating our relationship and this post is an opportunity for me to remember and share what I love about my wonderful wife.

Hopefully as you read through this list, you are reminded of the positive attributes of your spouse or partner and are inspired to tell let them know how you feel.

Anyway, here are 19 things that I love about my wife.  “Why not 20?” I hear you ask.  When you get to the bottom, you’ll find out:

  1. She’s my best friend – We love spending time together and there’s no-one else I would rather be with at any time.  Now that we work from home together, we get to spend even more time with each other which is brilliant.
  2. She’s an awesome mum – I love watching Karen interact with our kids.  She’s a great encourager and their biggest fan, supporting all of them in their many and varied activities.
  3. She has a big heart for the underprivileged – Karen and I have run a domestic violence refuge in the past and even today through our business, Karen has a soft spot for clients who have been unemployed for a long time, have been discriminated against or are recent arrivals to our country.  We also sponsor a child in a developing country together and see this as an important opportunity to utilise our finances to make a difference in the world.
  4. She is very passionate – You always know where Karen is sitting at one of Hayden’s basketball games.  She wears her heart on her sleeve which I find refreshing and quite wonderful in a world where so often people choose restraint and social conformity in place of openness and forthrightness.
  5. She’s brilliant with customers – Karen’s background in a range of customer service roles has given her a great phone voice which our customers love.  They often tell me later how much they love her Scottish accent.  There’s no doubt that she adds significant value to our business.
  6. She’s never content with the status quo – Karen is always wanting to improve things.  Our garden, our parenting, how we market and deliver our services, you name it, if it’s important to her, she will plot and scheme (in a good way) to come up with better outcomes.
  7. She’s a complete opposite to me in personality, but we share the same values – Every time we complete a Myers Briggs personality test, we show up on opposite sides of the spectrum and our different cultural backgrounds have given us very different perspectives on life.  However, for all of our differences, on the important matters, we are very close.  When it comes to our faith, our family and how to respond to those who are less fortunate, we are very similar.  I guess opposites do attract!
  8. She laughs at my jokes – Someone has to!
  9. She loves dogs – I’m a dog person as well, so that increases our compatibility.  If she liked cats, it could have been a different story.
  10. She has the most beautiful eyes in the world – I’m a big believer in not reducing women to just their looks, but I have to say that Karen’s blue eyes are still the most stunning that I’ve ever seen.  They are piercing and a window to her lovely soul.
  11. She barracks for the Richmond Football Club – Perhaps not as loudly as me, but I know her heart’s in it.
  12. She would rather give attention to others than take the limelight herself – Karen has a wonderfully humble nature and would much rather listen to the stories of others and encourage them on their journey than have people focus on her.  She asks insightful questions and loves to see other flourish in their chosen field of endeavour.
  13. She’s extremely trustworthy – I never have to worry about whether or not she is telling me the truth.  She will always tell me what’s going on, even if it’s uncomfortable for her.
  14. She’s an amazing organiser – Which to someone as notoriously disorganised as me is a genuine blessing, even if I protest occasionally.
  15. She continues to make huge sacrifices for the kids – In a self-absorbed society that so often encourages people to put their own needs first, Karen continues to give everything that she has so that our three wonderful children are well looked after and feel valued.
  16. She’s been very supportive of this blog – From the very beginning, Karen has been a great encouragement, listening to my ideas, sharing her own insights and trying not to roll her eyes when I talk too much about it.
  17. She shares her Valentine’s Day presents – No flowers for Karen, she prefers chocolates and every now and then I can sneak a couple in myself.
  18. She’s the only person I can truly be myself around – Do I really need to say anything more about this?  She knows and accepts all of my idiosyncrasies and foibles, and I love and appreciate her for that.  I don’t need to be guarded around her and that’s pretty cool.
  19. 19 years ago we shared our first kiss and have been on an amazing adventure ever since – On Valentine’s Day, in a park, my life changed forever and for that I will always be grateful.  I am the luckiest man alive!

Thanks to my precious little angel for the last 19 years and here’s to many more.

I love you!

What do you love most about your special someone?

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