We’ve all had bad days at work.

Maybe a few people called in sick, leaving you with too much to do.

Maybe it’s a full moon and every second customer is cranky.

Maybe your boss was too hard on you for no apparent reason.

Maybe you’ve just had one of those days when you couldn’t get anything right.

The temptation is to think that every day is going to be like that.

We can have a bad day or two and then anticipate that every day is going to be less than ideal.

And work becomes a grind.

Mondays become the worst day of the week and we dread going in.

But it doesn’t need to end there.

You don’t need to slump your shoulders and watch the clock until it strikes 5pm.

You can learn from the experience.

You can build your resilience.

You can find a way to make where you are a better place to utilise your skills.

Everyone’s had a bad day at work.

Don’t pack it in because of one negative experience.

Make tomorrow better.

Don’t let work impact you, find a way to impact your work.

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