My senior minister, Mark Conner, recently shared this great story on his blog.

A father had 17 camels and when he passed away, he left them to his three sons.

The will of the father stated that the eldest son should get half of 17 camels while the middle son should be given a third.  The youngest son should be given one ninth of the 17 camels.

As it is not possible to divide 17 into half or 17 by 3 or 17 by 9, the three sons started to fight with each other.

So, the three sons decided to go to a wise man.

The wise man listened patiently to the details about the will.  After giving the matter some thought, he brought one camel of his own and added it to the original 17, increasing the total to 18 camels.

Then he started reading the deceased father’s will again.

Half of 18 = 9. So he gave the eldest son 9 camels.

1/3rd of 18 = 6. So he gave the middle son 6 camels.

1/9th of 18 = 2. So he gave the youngest son 2 camels.

There was one camel left, which the wise man took back.

When confronted with a challenging problem, remember the 18th camel and try to come up with an innovative solution.

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