I believe that everyone was born for greatness, but no-one was born great.

Great leaders, artists, explorers, athletes, inventors, parents, influencers and thinkers, were not born that way.

Greatness doesn’t come exclusively from a particular country, race, religion, gender or set of fortunate economic circumstances.

Because no-one was born great.

People who have reached greatness did so because:

  • they honed their skills over many years.
  • they rose and fell and rose and fell and rose again.
  • they were disciplined and focused.
  • they saw problems as challenges to be solved.
  • they never stopped learning and growing.
  • they refused to listen to the critics.
  • they refused to be critics.
  • they didn’t settle for second best from themselves.
  • they were passionate and maintained their enthusiasm in the face of negative circumstances.
  • they were people of grand ideas and grander actions.
  • they identified what they were placed on the planet to do and did it.  Brilliantly.

No-one was born great.

They became great.

And you can too!

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