Some people seem fearless.

They march out to battle without a care in the world.

They tackle challenges that terrify everyone else.

They speak out against tyrannical regimes with a clarion voice that never wavers.

They boldly go where others dare not.

They take the last shot of a big game with ice in their veins.

They take the risk to go all in, understanding that to win big, you have to bet big (figuratively speaking).

They walk with their head up, shoulders back and chest out, eyeballing the world as if they are wearing invulnerable armour.

They look fearless.

But they’re not.

They feel afraid, but act anyway.

Their voices may not shake, but their knees do.

They may act as if they don’t understand the consequences of failure, but they know that the consequences of inaction are much worse.

There are no fearless warriors, just normal people willing to push past their fears to aspire to greatness.

Stop waiting until the fear subsides before you do what you know you should.

And start marching into battle.

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