I coach my oldest son’s soccer team.

They are a great bunch of kids aged 7-8 who know each other well from school and they have a lot of fun together.

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that some of the boys just kick the ball when it comes near.  It doesn’t matter to them where they kick it, just that their foot has made contact with the ball and the ball has left their vicinity.  If the ball goes flying out of bounds, it doesn’t matter to them, soccer to them is all about kicking as hard as they can.

However, some of the boys know how to shoot.  They get the ball at their feet, can take a couple of dribbles, size up their target and let fly.  They understand the difference between random kicking and deliberate shooting, and as a consequence, they lead the team in scoring and are able to regularly celebrate slotting another goal home.

Basketball is similar, some kids throw the ball in the general vicinity of the ring, whilst some aim and shoot.

We all know which ones are more successful.

We all have a chuckle when kids play sport, but what about when adults live life?

Do you go to work, look busy, push paper around and talk to a few people, feeling satisfied that you’ve done something?

Or do you have a goal in mind?  Do you have clarity about what you do?  Is your energy focused?

Do you finish the day satisfied, not because you’ve done something, but because you have accomplished something?

With your finances do you earn and spend and go from week to week or month to month with little idea of where your expenditure goes?

Or do you have a budget that you stick to, with goals in mind so that your future is more financially secure?

In every aspect of your life, are you kicking or are you shooting for goal?

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