Just over a year ago, Karen and I took a massive risk.

I quit my job (which I loved) and we launched our resume writing and career coaching business full-time.

For the first time in our lives, we didn’t have a regular, stable salary to fall back on.

We have a mortgage, three kids in private education and, of course, the usual household bills.

When we made our decision, most people were very encouraging and supportive and the community on this site has been phenomenal.

But there were those who clearly thought that we were crazy.

“You’re doing what?  Is there really a market for that?” they would ask skeptically.

I was OK with their skepticism as I occasionally asked similar questions myself.

It was a risk.

A massive risk.

But there was a bigger risk.

We could have done nothing.

We could have played it safe and gone with what we knew.

We could have denied our calling and forever wondered if we could have done it.

As I reflect on the past year, despite the inevitable challenges and moments of doubt, I’m so glad that we took the risk and so far, it has paid off.

I love what we do and consider it a privilege to help our clients to find meaningful work that matches their skills and aspirations.  To be able to make a living from it is very exciting.

This year, you have the opportunity to take one of two risks.

You can take the risk to live your dreams, to fulfill your potential and make a difference in the world.

Or you can do nothing and keep going through the motions.

The first risk is scary and there will be people close to you who are skeptical of your chances of success.

The second risk, despite the appearance of comfort and security, is far riskier as it carries with it the burden of regret and a wasted life.

When the opportunity comes, make the leap and take the right risk.

Don’t wait for the courage that you need as that’s found after you make the decision.

I suspect that the downside isn’t as bad as you imagine and that the positives are beyond your wildest dreams.

And remember that the biggest risk that you’ll take this year is to do nothing at all.

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