It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of checking various sources of information to see what we may have missed.

We hate the idea of being the last to know, so we habitually and regularly check Facebook, Twitter, email and various news sites so that we don’t miss out on the latest gossip, news or pictures of cats.

This seems like a nice idea until we realise how much time we’ve wasted in our constant, incessant clicking for the latest information.

Perhaps instead of asking “What did I miss?” we should be asking “What can I do?”

Instead of wasting massive chunks of time trying to keep up with the huge volume of (mostly) inane information coming our way, we can take action that will get us closer to our goals.

Instead of adding to this volume of (mostly) inane information in the world, we can create something meaningful, thoughtful, valuable or helpful.

I suspect that in using our time more effectively and resourcefully to create value, when we do come back to asking, “What did I miss?” the answer will be, “Not that much.”

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